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Get Involved with VINF

The Vancouver Island Neurosurgical Foundation is a non-profit that relies on the support of generous contributions and volunteers. Learn more about donating or volunteering with VINF below, or contact us to speak to a member of our team directly.

Shake on It


Contributions to VINF make a significant impact in improving Neurosurgery within your local community as well as on a provincial and national level. When you support the VINF you are contributing to the care of people suffering from malignant brain tumors, brain aneurysm and disabling disorders of the spine among other diseases.

For information regarding contributing to VINF please email the

Vancouver Island Neurosurgical Foundation's Executive Director at

Volunteer with VINF

Volunteers are an integral part of the Vancouver Island Neurosurgical Foundation, as they help us to achieve our objectives through contributing to the efficacy of our initiatives, and by bringing a positive energy to our space.

Testimonies from VINF Volunteers

Here what our past and current VINF Volunteers have to say about working for our foundation.

H. Taylor

2023 VINF Volunteer

"VINF offers volunteering positions for people interested in learning the ropes within the clinic. As a volunteer multiple tasks may be offered, in conjunction to helping the staff and clinical system run more efficiently.

This position offers an introduction to the electronic programming system, where reports and data will be collected, and Electronic Medical Records will be analyzed; form editing/ electronic clean-up and organization; and collaborating with local facilities."

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