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Information & Resources for Patients

The Vancouver Island Neurosurgical Foundation is committed to providing our patients with informed care, through offering surgical procedure overviews, and access to useful community resources, such as Canadian associations and non-profits.

Doctor and Patient

Patient Registration Form

For patients referred to Dr. Daniel Warren, Dr. Evan Frangou or Dr. Nav Chaudhary: Please click on the linked patient form to complete your registration.


Pre-operative Information

We provide pre-operative information documents to maintain our commitment to providing informed care for all of our patients. To view a document regarding your specific surgery that has been curated by your physician, please explore their 'physician's profile'.


Non-operative options

The Vancouver Island Neurosurgical Foundation encourages the exploration of non-operative management services. VINF emphasizes the benefits of certain, well established local service providers.

Associations & Non-profits

We showcase a number of trusted Canadian neurosurgical related associations and non-profits, to offer our patients additional support and information.


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